Crafted & Foraged online TV is created to celebrate west coast nature, artisan or wild-harvested products and new earth living. Hopefully, it can inspire anyone who wants to get inspired about living in harmony with nature. I really believe, that only through re-connecting with natural world, we can stop seeing “our” planet as commodity we can sell and begin the process of healing the Earth … and our souls.


I don’t enjoy speaking about myself and unless it is absolutely necessary I don’t talk about my profession as if it was something that defines who I am. However, sometimes it simply is needed to talk about what I do, so that anyone who comes across my work can see that there is a real face behind it. So here we go:

I make my living as a cinematographer, video producer and documentary filmmaker, creating under branding of ICEBERG FILMS MEDIA, an independent video production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I was born and raised in Prague, incredibly beautiful city in Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) located in a heart of Europe. I hope it explains occasional typos or wrong grammar in some of my writing. (L.O.L.)

I relocated to Canada, settling in Vancouver, BC in 1995. When I don’t make videos, I enjoy exploring the beauty of the west coast in my Delta 18.5 Expedition sea kayak, walking or meditating in nature, biking, reading books, watching documentaries or enjoying European lager (or pilsner).