What is holistic beekeeping? How do bees make a queen? What can we learn from bees? These and many other questions were floating through our minds when my wife and I were turning into a tiny driveway, passing by a wooden board stating “Honey Grove, Apiary & Homestead”. It was a beautiful, crisp morning and we were very excited about spending our day in this “oasis” of peace.

The minute we met Nao and Mark, proprietors of Honey Grove with addictive passion for nature and sustainable way of living, we knew that this will be a day that we’ll never forget. Nao’s wildflower garden developed specifically to provide natural environment for the bees, her vegetable garden with section for herbs and edible flowers, cozy wooden shop with delicious honey products, colored beehives sheltering fascinating world of tiny pollinators, all that surrounded by trees and sound of singing birds. Everything at Honey Grove is in harmony with nature and being there immediately makes you feel relaxed and connected.

Please meet Nao, a holistic beekeeper and gifted gardener (BTW, Nao is also a spiritual dancer and teacher of Women’s Sacred Dance) and discover the sacred beauty of Honey Grove.