More than 400 hundred years ago, european philosopher and educator John Amos Comenius first introduced the revolutionary concept of “Education According To Nature”, which was based on idea of acquiring life skills and knowledge through pleasure of play, rather then a task.

Today, 400 hundred years later, our educational system, in my opinion, can’t be any further from this amazing concept. School is anything but a pleasure for the kids. Instead of developing their natural talents, creativity and individual interests, kids are required to memorize pre-determined material, expected to complete tasks with no room for mistake. They are reminded every day to study hard in order to “become something”. Kids spend almost entire time indoors, mostly in front of computer screens. All that logically results in a wide range of behavioral problems.

Recently, I had spent a beautiful morning with amazing group of people – teachers, parents and their fantastic kids – from Victoria Nature School Society. The Victoria Nature School philosophy is based on the belief that bringing children into nature helps them learn in a self-guided manner and enables them to flourish as creative and innovative explorers, responsible adventurers, and playful, collaborative thinkers. At the Victoria Nature School the goal is to help children explore what excites their spirit! I hope you will find this short film inspiring and as always – let me know what you think.

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