Gardening is one of the oldest and most beneficial human activities. People have been cultivating land for millennia – for food, for plants to make products they need, or simply for the pure joy and appreciation of beauty. And – maybe the most important benefit of all – being outside and witnessing our plants grow connects us with natural world.

Today, gardening goes through it’s renaissance. Quick access to information, and almost infinite selection of gardening products allow people to start their own garden with ease.

But…are we really connected with nature? Do we really collaborate with the ecosystem we live in? Or, do we rather try to control it? To change how things naturally work, to stop unwanted natural processes that are happening in our garden, to eliminate plants that Mother Nature put there and substitute them with what we consider pretty or trendy?

Christina Nikolic is a holistic gardener, designer and dedicated advocate of working with nature. She is an educator – teaching organic gardening and ecological landscape design courses at Gaia College and in the spring and summer, she is also running The Organic Gardener’s Pantry, selling high quality organic fertilizers to customers all across Canada.

This spring, I had a great opportunity to visit Christina’s cozy backyard garden in Victoia BC and chat with her about the art of holistic gardening.