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Holistic Beekeeping at Honey Grove

What is holistic beekeeping? How do bees make a queen? What can we learn from bees? These and many other questions were floating through our minds when my wife and I were turning into a tiny driveway, passing by a wooden board stating “Honey Grove, Apiary & Homestead”.


Learning in Nature

More than 400 hundred years ago, european philosopher and educator John Amos Comenius first introduced the revolutionary concept of "Education According To Nature", which was based on idea of acquiring life skills and knowledge through pleasure of play, rather then a task.

Holistic Gardening with Christina Nikolic

Gardening is one of the oldest and most beneficial human activities. People have been cultivating land for millennia – for food, for plants to make products they need, or simply for the pure joy and appreciation of beauty.

Foraged Wild Food

OK, I admit it, I LOVE my profession. Being a videographer gives me an opportunity to meet many amazing people and learn about their work, about their passion for what they do. And being a naturalist, making this promo video for West Coast Wild Foods was a true delight.

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